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Module: Transport Price Calculator

Transport Price Calculator

Turn your
customers into fans.

The calculator allows users not only to create transport requests, but also to calculate prices for different transport options. Factors such as distance, type of freight, delivery speed and possible additional services are taken into account. This additional layer of tariffs and information ensures that users not only receive offers, but can also make informed decisions based on detailed cost analysis.

For you, this results in automated order processing with comprehensible processes during processing. No paperwork, no endless phone calls for clarification – the result is less time per order, audit-proof offers and calculations that are independent of persons.

And you achieve perfect customer loyalty with your own access and tariffs in your protected “My area”.


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One fits all.

Everything in it.

Would you like to offer automated transport price calculations for your customers? Display your own tariffs with your own truck types? Calculate routes not only in Germany – also throughout Europe? We have exactly what you need.

Always available.

You are always available for your customers – order entry even outside your business hours.

Visible everywhere.

Whether desktop, iPad or mobile phone – your app is available on every device.

Simple integration.

The integration on your website is simple. We would be happy to do this for you.

Best performance.

We are sure that you will generate more qualified inquiries from now on. So we don’t need long contract periods.